I jumped on the Enterprise Earth train following the release of their previous album, Patient 0, and loved every track on the record. It was viscous, brutal and driven by hate. 

Their new release, Embodiment is a combination of tasteful dynamics with the violent chugcore we’ve come to expect and demand in quality deathcore projects. The voice of Dan Watson is a brilliant display of lows conjured up from butchering a small village and blood curdling highs which really set this band apart from the masses. 

Embodiment does what and follow up record should and expands on what drew a crowd while striving to evolve. It was a tasteful progression on their sound and exemplifies their capabilities well. It does seem slightly less imaginative than the previous CD.

Some other aspects fall short of their last work too. Most notably, the overly processed vocals detract from the innate talents of Dan and in some instances the production makes differentiating between instruments nearly impossible. This implementation seems forced as he is clearly a very capable vocalist and has demonstrated his abilities over their last few successful tours. 

In terms of substance, there is plenty of quality tracks to blast off this album. Deathcore is most certainly not dead and Embodiment showcases that new bands are rising to claim the thrown. 

Embodiment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_Wq5dnIIfM&list=PLzZJ03HCQwweiUAfQvXLFcQLjhOxfluFC
Drink pairing: This record is brutal, livid, rough around the edges and disgusted with humanity. That can only mean one thing, Evan Williams

Rating: 7.5/10
Bring the heavy \m/