You know that new sound you’ve been dying to find? The one that tastefully combines brutal riffs with disjointed transitions, perfect harsh growls and intelligent progressions? LOOK NO FURTHER! Super group Planet Namek hailing from Tulsa are here and demand your attention. 

I’ve been following this project for some time now but had no idea the glory which is their full length album. Planet Namek manage to incorporate pop-punk elements seamlessly with violent deathcore poised to insight riots. Each track is a blast aiming to confuse and amaze with a delicious side of spicy riffage.

PN screams Tequila, BUT NOT PATRON! Not top shelf garbage you can show off to your one douchebag bro, but the shit that does it’s job and surprises you with how much fun it was. Snag a lime if you’re a pussy…shoot a few back, start a fight, burn your pasty skin and groove on my friends. 

Favorite track: Luigi Board

Score: 8/10
#GrooveTown #Deathcore #Punk