With their previous single The OpposedZornheym showed us that they are pretty much the shit, and definitely one of the bands you need to keep your ears tuned in on. On October 21st they will be debuting their new single, A Silent God. Summed up, this is what I wish the new Fleshgod Apocalypse sounded like. Dimmu Borgir would be proud to hear shit like this, continuing orchestrated heavy metal masterpieces with Zornheym producing the best shit out there. It is brutal, heavy as tits, and balanced nicely by great orchestral and melodic elements. With members coming from powerhouse backgrounds like Dark Funeral, Facebreaker, and Diabolical, how could it be bad? Don’t take my word for it (even though you should you ignorant motherfuckers) check out the teaser video for yourself and try not to salivate too much.

I am a silent god with no love, no compassion. That’s pretty fucking metal. As you can hear, a standout vocal performance by frontman Bendler. Speaking of standout performances, the instrumentation on this second single exceeds that of the first. The drums are great, the guitars are killer, the orchestration is fucking awesome. Fuck yeah. Check out our previous review of their single for some info about the epic up and comers Zornheym here. Without sounding like a broken record, we at Metalhangover are pumped as FUCK for the full release. And the goodies that come with it. Comic strips to go with each song? Deranged song material? Kickass band with their own blacksmith? Count us in every time.


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Check out our exclusive interview here and get to know these awesome dudes, and stay tuned for A Silent God the newest single from Zornheym coming out October 21st on Non-Servium records. Oh, and keep a look out for the full-length album Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns. We will be and you should too.

Fuck yeah.


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